CliffSoft's New Offers:
A new accounting package designed to accommodate
user eCommerce transactions. In addition to the regular accounting features, users can now register as online merchants and setup their own internet based outlets,where they can interact with customers
from all over the world. Users can also upload product images to their outlets, invoices, questionaires and also respond to customer requests for opening long-term accounts with the company.

  E-Commerce Solutions:

You've taken the correct step in looking to harness years of experience to deliver a friendly, secure, fast shopping experience for your valuable customers. Join the success of many who trust CliffSoft to help develop their ecommerce solution. Additionally, learn how to harvest information from the Internet. Collect data on who buys what, when, and how. Through gathered information, know your customers better than your competitors. Better service their needs. Develop a longer, more profitable relationship. It's possible, if you work with CliffSoft.

E-Commerce is the first step towards developing a complete eBusiness site. Bring customers closer to you. Provide an easy, highly available method for purchasing your goods and services. Be available seven days a week, twenty-four hours per day. Partner with
CliffSoft to gain the talent and experience you need to make your site a profitable success.





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