CliffSoft's New Offers:
A new accounting package designed to accommodate
user eCommerce transactions. In addition to the regular accounting features, users can now register as online merchants and setup their own internet based outlets,where they can interact with customers
from all over the world. Users can also upload product images to their outlets, invoices, questionaires and also respond to customer requests for opening long-term accounts with the company.

  Web Development:

CliffSoft Inc. provides top notch professional web solutions. CliffSoft started out as a web design firm and has ventured out into other technologies. We pride ourselves on our web design and development. We have a creative and talented staff who provides professional sites.

Web Site Design:
Quality website design must deliver:

4 A clean, fast, functional presence.

4 A method of collecting viewer data in a logical format that is     useful to you.

4 A foundation for future functions and services.

A clean functional design allows those viewing your site to gain a full understanding of the image your company is trying to convey. This will not only strengthen your position in the market, but will also increase your company's marketability. Furthermore, your company does not wish to be trapped by design limitations that inhibit your site's ability to be registered correctly in search engines, incorporate back-end systems, or syndicate with other sites. Your site receives added value when it captures vital information about visitors; this information can help you better understand their needs and ultimately profit from their business.
Well developed site design is a strong foundation for the future growth of your web site. As an experienced firm that has worked on a wide variety of projects,
CliffSoft creates a solid design that takes into account future uses of the site such as e-commerce, content management, and other valuable services. Feel confident in trusting CliffSoft proven experience. Our partnership will result in a clean, quick, functional site that creates value and room for future growth.





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